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September 16, 2020, 06:30 PM

Members Success Stories

A talk by Anjanette Downs, Brock Gibson, Bill Khamis, Stanley Ross and Jeremy Wasowicz
Small Parts, Inc., Donaldson Company, Inc., Thursday Pools, LLC, Donaldson Company, Inc. & Donaldson Company, Inc.

Anjanette Downs: Like many other manufacturers, we saw it harder and harder to recycle our plastic bottles. In an effort to reduce the plastic we generated, the company installed filtered, cold water dispensers throughout the facility. To encourage their use, everyone in the company received a water bottle for personal use. We knew it would take more than just providing the dispensers and individual bottles, we needed to change behavior. In order to facilitate this behavioral change, a contest was developed. During the rollout of the program, we provided give cards to those employees that were seen using the water bottles in the plant. Members of management would tour the facility periodically and reward those found utilizing the water bottles. The dispensers have counters to show the number of plastic bottles saved and to date, we have eliminated over 100,000 plastic bottles from being sent to the local landfill. Though still not perfect, we have made an impact.

Bill Khamis: Thursday Pools is a manufacture of one piece fiberglass swimming pools. We have ISO9001 and 14001. When we joined the Partners for Pollution Prevention we did not know what to expect. We were concerned that it might be one of those groups that sounds exciting at first, but after a couple meetings, you have no desire to go back to. After being members for two years and making almost every meeting, we cannot wait for the next one to come. We not only look forward to the next meeting but are anxious to find out where it will take place. We quickly realized that being a member gave us the perfect opportunity to discover new initiatives. PPP provides the perfect platform to meet other members that have the same desires and goals, speakers that have exciting and interesting experiences and great plant tours. From these meetings and tours we have picked up not only several new initiatives for ourselves, but it motivated us to push our own limits. Our latest initiative involved designing and building a 55 foot long robot to reduce VOC emission in a manual spray operations.

Stanley Ross, Brock Gibson, and Jeremy Wasowicz: Donaldson Company, Inc implemented an upgraded Warehouse Management System in May 2019 at their North American Distribution Center, in Rensselaer Indiana. As a part of the project a comprehensive review and mapping of all value streams was conducted. During this review it was noted that there was significant waste taking place during label printing and wrapping of outbound pallets. When configuring the upgraded system, setup was put in place to help reduce this waste by decreasing the number of times that labels had to be re-printed and wrapped pallets had to be re-worked. Due to these changes, in the following fiscal year, the facility reduced total packaging materials used by 6200 lbs.

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